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To-MAY-to... to-MAH-to... HOThouse.

Ahh must be the changing seasons, but I woke up with tomato juice all over~ Metallic-tasting tomato juice--ahha! How strange! Interesting guys have been turning up too--so if you haven't yet--come say hello! Or let's catch up! Now I think I'll go see if Headquarters has greenhouses or not...

One for the past and present.

The Arena hadn't been used since Rome and Turkiye's duel, so it had gained a sense of abandonment since then. Luckily such an atmosphere was all too fitting for its next purpose, where privacy was desired--perhaps as a last thought, but nevertheless appropriate. Antonio agreed with it at least, unsure what he might uncover in the field and whether he'd like others to witness it or not, to notice how his blood was already boiling, nerves trembling with long strained anticipation and recognition of what was to come next.

The stands were empty and obscured by darkness, leaving only the Arena's grounds illuminated in a low light. And that emptiness was mutual between the sections until two figures stepped out upon the plane, followed by their deeply cast shadows. After his arrival--the Arthur from half a millennial ago--incidents had led them to this point, to this exclusion where the outcome was unknown. Would the interaction be a mere sparring, a mere test between time and skill? Or would Antonio relive his past and seek blood, seek his companion's head?

He already brought Arthur to the armory, watched him select a weapon as he took up one of his own. He donned a simple blade, but the weight was familiar in his hand since his sparring with Japan. If he thought of it, long-rested memories and existences stirred even then, but here, beside him was a greater threat, and quite possibly a key for something dreadfully impacting.

I hope this is suitable for you. He cast a look at Arthur as he spoke, the smile upon his lips seeming odd and out of place, though blurred now and then as he absently twirled his blade. His cheer would persist for now.


Every morning in HQ...

It's proving to be a crisp and bright morning. Dawn has already lifted, laying light upon Headquarters and refracting through its windows. It hits Antonio's face, making him shift slightly, then throw an arm across his face, not yet tempted to wake. Though such streams of sunshine are escorting a light breeze, one vague yet chill enough to send goosebumps dancing across his skin. He stirs again, but only to turn completely away from the window and to wrap his sheets tighter about him.

Mmn... too early.

It's business time~

So I've been back from vacation (of course!) It was lots of fun to be home, but I'm happy I was back in time for Egypt's party! You can't forget things can still be fun around here, so everyone who's still in the hospital or are freshly out of it--get better and be more careful with yourselves!

Bella, I need to talk to you. Please come by.
Turkiye, Here's the plan: DESSERT and COFFEE! So come out-come out wherever you are~
For certain Italians-- <3Collapse )
Vash, See how badass? This is how awesome he is!Collapse )

Going home should not be a holiday!

And thus he was off, dragging Lovino with him...Collapse )

[ooc: and my apologies for being super slow with ongoing logs;; i guess it's a halfway-hiatus--i'm around but with a lot of work!]


Sep. 21st, 2008

My account has expired! I had quite a bit of pictures too! Ahha, that's too bad... I'll have to be more creative with this unless I can sell some tomatoes!
...But perhaps I'll expire too--haha!

Lovino, get ready for our trip.


I've jumped the bandwagon after all! Korea-mun said it's never completely clear what Spain thinks, so better stuff gets cleared up! But not completely ufufufufu~

Spain Character Comments/Critique!Collapse )

Fútbol fútbol fútbol!

*finally gets Lovino to the soccer field the Fuwa had to graciously given Headquarters, releasing him so he could spread his arms wide and breathe the fresh air*

Now! ...Where's the ball?


To Italy! --not an invasion!

Note left behind on his door:

Gone to Italy with Francis.
Leave me a message!
♥ Antonio


*finishes dragging Francis there and inhales the fresh air deeply* I haven't been here in so long!!