Reino de Espana

"Plus ultra!"

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
12 February
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Reino de España
Capital: Madrid
Language: Spanish
Birthday: February 12th
National flower: Carnation

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Height: Unknown
Appearance: 25

+ A kingdom in southern Europe raised by the sun, bountiful nature, and the warm climate.

+ Used to be a super power nation that traveled around the world with its merchant ships--but was then tormented by England, beat up upon by a much younger America, and engulfed in poverty and war ever since he was stripped of his status as a super nation.

+ But, he seemed to have tide himself through those hardships with Espanola Optimism.

+ His personality is bright, loves people, and has a country-bumpkin-like atmosphere everywhere.

+ His dishes are TOMATOES TOMATOES TOMATOES! And sweets that aren't really that sweet.
+ Info by youkofujima from here.
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